Include your school helps finding the best language school and course in Dublin. Users can quickly search for language course categories and specific locations in Dublin to find relevant schools. Schools are described in compact, comparable format and include links to the schools website, brochure downloads, pictures and videos. in its design and layout for the user considers following facts:
  • The majority of users search locally which also applies to searches for language schools
  • Users just spend few seconds on each page of a website. Information therefore has to be compact, clearly structured and emotionally appealing (e.g. through pictures and videos)
On the other hand, our site helps the language school in the following ways:
  • traffic (thus potential bookings) is directed towards the language schools´websites due to direct links
  • no agent involvement at all, just direct marketing for the language school
  • the biggest factor in SEO (seach engine optimization) is having (direct) backlinks from subject-specific websites like ours
  • due to the compact nature of language school profiles, there is no need to update the profile regularly
If you want to include your school, please visit our Contact us page and leave us a message.