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School description

Everest Language School is owned and run by three teachers Anne Marie, Maria and Rob with the goal of providing students with an unforgettable experience in Dublin and to help them achieve their language objectives.

We offer small classes where students can learn in a comfortable stimulating environment in which games, movement, colour, music and technology are incorporated into lessons plans to ensure that you learn in an alert, enjoyable, multi sensory fashion. We are Dublin’s first school to base all academic decisions on linguistic research done within the school. Our Director of Studies is working with researchers in Trinity College Dublin to create a unique learning path for each student.

Our central location in Temple Bar allows us to offer a unique social programme giving students the opportunity to continually improve their English in an immersive environment.

If you want to learn English in Dublin, Everest is the place for you.

School Facilities
  • Recreation room (with coffee and tea station)
  • Library
  • Morning Exam (FCE, CAE, PET and IELTS exam) Preparation, 20 hours per week
  • Morning General English, 20 hours per week
  • Intensive Exam Preparation (FCE, CAE, PET and IELTS exam), 26 hours per week
  • Morning General English, 26 hours per week
  • Afternoon General / Exam Preparation, 6 hours per week
  • Evening Exam preparation/General English, 4 hours per week
Temple Bar, Dublin, Irland, 15 Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2, Ireland, Temple Bar
Telephone: +353 15594919